Terms And Conditions


Terms And Conditions

The legal norms listed binds to the entire contents of this website and to every correspondence between us and the job seekers.

General Terms And Conditions

  1. Cruise Ship Hiring is an online seafarer job portal that aims to connect maritime firms with job seekers.


  1. Cruise Ship Hiring does not hold the liability on account of any inaccuracy or falseness of information displayed on the website/Cruise Ship Hiring makes no guarantees or warranties with regard to the accuracy of the information displayed on its website including hypertext links. It is the sole responsibility of the visitor to further research the information displayed on the site and any decisions based on the information displayed on the website is the sole responsibility of the user.


  1. We do not hold any liability for the quality and genuineness of responses. We, by no means, can monitor the responses an individual may receive in response to the resume/information they have shared on the website. The individual/company is solely responsible for performing background checks on the bonafide nature of all responses.


  1. Cruise Ship Hiring puts in all reasonable efforts to ensure that the job information provided through its portal is accurate and reliable at the time of inclusion, nonetheless, inadvertent and occasional errors may exist.


  1. Cruise Ship Hiring does not entertain posting of inaccurate, false or incomplete resume information on its website.


  1. Cruise Ship Hiring respects the ‘Privacy’ of our registered users information and does not share personally identifiable data of any user with entities/other companies without procuring permission expect with those acting as our agents.


  1. The users does not reserve the right to utilize the services offered by Cruise Ship Hiring in any manner with a view to impair the interests and functioning of Cruise Ship Hiring. Any such attempts by anyone will initiate criminal proceeding against him/her.


  1. The user does not reserve the right to download, modify, publish, duplicate and distribute material on com unless specifically authorized by us in this regard.


  1. Cruise Ship Hiring is not liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or special damages or damages of other nature resulting from the use of information obtained either directly or indirectly from the Cruise Ship Hiring website.


  1.  We do not act as an agent for seafarers and is not an intermediary in employing seafarers.


  1. The visitor undertakes to use our portal for his/her own purposes. The user does not reserve the right to use content from cruiseshiphiring.com for derivative works with a commercial motive without a prior written consent.


  1. Attempts to violate the security of cruiseshiphiring.com is strictly prohibited. This includes attempts to probe, scan or test the vulnerability of a system/network, breaching security/authentication measures without authorization, attempts to logging into servers or accounts or accessing data not permitted to access, attempts to tamper with service to any user, host or network via ‘flooding’, ‘mail bombing’ or ‘crashing’, sending unsolicited e-mails promoting products/services.


Cruise Ship Hiring reserves the right to initiate civil or criminal proceeding against such security breaches.


  1. We do not guarantee or warrantee that everyone who posts their resume will get the placement as per their expectations. Also, we do not guarantee that a job description or resume will be viewed by any specific number of users or within any specific time limit.


  1. The users must login with their own username and password. The user holds the responsibility for all actions taken under that password and users are prohibited from disclosing their login details to others.


  1. Cruise Ship Hiring reserves the right to initiate legal proceedings against any individual or firm indulging in activities such as:


  • Violating the terms and conditions listed above
  • Infringement of Trademark, Trade Secret, Copyright or Other Intellectual Property Rights of others