10 Great Cruise Ship Jobs That Fit Your Interests

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Fast-paced life and hectic schedules in this era leave virtually no time for traveling and exploring the world. But what if you could merge work with cruising by landing a job onboard a ship or within the cruise industry. A cruise ship resembles a floating city or a resort offering hundreds of positions spanning a number of different departments and requiring diverse skill sets, qualifications and experience levels.

Whether you have always aspired for a career onboard or have never even viewed it as a possibility, you will be literally amazed by the diversity of cruise ship jobs – perhaps the ones that match your expertise and interests while also offering competitive salaries.

For all those lacking awareness about the type of jobs at the cruise ship, we have brought forward this blog that will familiarize you with the 10 Great Cruise ship jobs that fit your interests.

10 Great Cruise Ship Jobs That Fit Your Interests

Here is a list of the 10 great cruise ship jobs that may delight you and match your interests:

1. Sailing and Navigation: If you enjoy the ocean, you can probably get into the marine operations department wherein you will be responsible for navigating the ship from port to port by using nothing more than the position of the stars, operating and maintaining the ship, ensuring shipboard safety and security and ensuring compliance to maritime laws and regulations.

You can join deck and technical departments where you can rise to prestigious ranks through your career and earn lucrative salaries.

2. Service and Hospitality Jobs: This category of jobs is referred to as ‘hotel management’ jobs. This broad category of cruise ship jobs falls into two categories namely hotel services and food services. The factor common to jobs falling under this broad category is that you are engaged in direct client dealing or directly servicing the clients. The profiles falling under the hotel services category will include everyone from the hotel director and room stewards to people who work at the reception and shore excursion desks. Pursers and housekeeping staff also fall under the ‘hotel services’ category.

Food services category includes everyone from chefs to waiters to bartenders to maitre’d to food and beverage directors who are responsible for handling the food and beverage department for the guests.

3. Entertainment: This set of jobs are the ones that seek to keep the guests entertained and enthralled throughout their journey. This includes everyone from the cruise directors to entertainers such as jugglers, singers, dancers, magicians, comedians, character performer, musicians, acrobats to people who manage the casinos to other duties such as light technicians, broadcast managers, stage staff, recreation host, stage manager, activity staff, etc.

4. Childcare Jobs: You can opt for employment as a youth counselor on a cruise ship if you enjoy working in state-of-the-art childcare facilities and possess one or two years of experience working with children in childcare, teaching or recreation capacity. You may be required to run activities for the little ones or may be required to perform late-night babysitting as a part of this role.

5. Medical Departments: People in this field are required to provide medical aid and provide treatment to passengers who may fall ill and are required to deal with life-threatening conditions. Job profiles under this department include doctors, nurses, paramedical staff and medical secretaries.

6. Health and Wellness/Cosmetology: This set of jobs involves directly servicing the passengers to enhance their look and feel. These include job profiles such as personal trainers, yoga instructors, hairstylists, massage therapists, wellness specialists, barbers, beauty therapists and others involved in providing spa and fitness facilities.

7. Maintenance and Logistics: Cruise ships require consistent maintenance and upkeep to ensure that things run smoothly. This set of jobs will include everyone from chief engineers to painters to technicians to plumbers to oilers to a range of other staff who will be responsible for ensuring the smooth functioning of the engines, air-conditioners, etc and others who will be involved in upkeep and maintenance activities of the cruise ship.

8. Administrative Jobs: Just like other businesses, cruise ships require staff for its smooth functioning and operation. This set of jobs will include IT staff, Human Resource department, accounting professionals, professionals involved in managing sales and marketing, professionals responsible for itinerary planning and brand management, professionals responsible for managing public relations, professionals involved in making reservations, etc.

9. Air Operations Jobs: Extensive coordination is required between airlines/airport and the harbor to ensure the safe and secure arrival and departure of passengers. These set of professionals work to ensure that the passengers and their luggage arrive and depart safely, timely and with all their possessions intact.

10. Legal Professionals: Cruise ships require knowledgeable and experienced legal advisors who can assist them with liability issues as well as creating adequate guest policies. A cruise ship requires a legal team to ensure compliance with maritime norms and regulations, compliance with the rules and laws of various countries in which the cruise ship enters and to provide travelers the best customer service.

We hope that going through this blog will definitely familiarize you with 10 great cruise ship jobs that fit your interests.